Project Type: Office Fit Outs

Westralia Square Level 7 Fit Out

This project required Ryder Project to undertake a full floor office fit out, creating multiple spaces throughout that all looked modern and high-end while being highly functional. Our expert in-house team modified the fire, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical services to suit the new layout. The stunning wall sconces, downlights, and pendant lighting we installed were a standout aspect of this project, along with the feature ceilings.

We installed high-end, black-bordered glass partitions throughout to create separate zones, with a Switchglass operable wall in the boardroom providing the flexibility of openness or privacy as required. With our custom joinery throughout, the end product was a large bespoke office space that was expertly designed and constructed to a superior standard.

Laing O’Rourke Office Fit Out

This job involved a full floor office fit out in the Perth CBD, and contained many elements that made this a stand-out project which included a reception area, open plan workspace, meeting and board rooms, kitchen, and eating areas. Feature ceilings provided a sleek, modern element, while different showcase lighting was used throughout to create a statement. Complementary materials and custom joinery in the meeting rooms and kitchen area helped make an impact for all office staff and visitors in an environment that was professional yet inviting.

197 St Georges Terrace Level 20 Full Floor Tenancy Fit Out

Located in one of the higher floors of 197 St Georges Terrace, the project reflects the beautiful views of Elizabeth Quay from the 20th Floor with a colour pallet inspired by Australia’s native flora and fauna.

The projects features contemporary workplace design concepts to attract the work force back to the CBD. It boasts an abundance of collaboration areas, open-plan workspaces equipped with sit-to-stand workstations, incidental working spaces, and with peaceful ‘quiet’ rooms.

5 Mill Street Level 10 Executive Suite Fit Out

The brief for this project was to create an executive suite that was warm, high-end, and highly functional. Feature lighting was installed to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space, pairing perfectly with the high spec finishes seen throughout. A privacy curtain was also fitted which allows the client to easily enclose the meeting room when required, while maintaining the open space the rest of the time –the perfect example of how multiple spaces can be created without sacrificing the overall feel of the office.

197 St Georges Terrace Level 10 Office Fit Out

Ryder Projects expertly managed and completed the fit out of this office space, exceeding the client’s expectations with our clear communication and attention to detail throughout the project. We installed custom feature joinery in the reception with the marble and wood pairing together perfectly to create an impactful entrance for all visitors. Different downlights and feature wall lights were used to define areas and attract attention, and our high-quality workmanship can be seen in the installation of the partition, flooring, and kitchen and storage spaces.

197 St Georges Terrace Level 23 Office Fit Out

A satisfied past customer came straight to Ryder Projects when they needed a reliable, experienced local company to fit out their new office space in the heart of the city. With striking views, glass partitions were installed to allow the natural light to filter through the building, and feature ceilings were used to create a different atmosphere in the various spaces across the floor –a white, clean and modern ceiling in the entry and workspaces created a professional, airy vibe, while a darker ceiling was used in the staff kitchen and eating areas to create a more calming, intimate and relaxed ambience. Feature lighting was also used to complement the feel of each area of the building.

197 St Georges Terrace Level 9 Office Fit Out

This show suite fit out for GDI Property Group was completed by Ryder Projects, creating a space that was sleek, modern, and highly functional. We installed feature lights and ceilings in the airy space, with black-bordered glass partitions creating separate meeting rooms without sacrificing the spaciousness provided by the open floor plan. The darker-coloured contemporary kitchen installed perfectly complements the client’s furniture solutions for a seamless, unified office space.

5 Mill Street Level 6 Office Fit Out

Hired by GDI Property Group, Ryder Projects completed this high-quality office fit out across an entire level, complete with open and enclosed workstations, a boardroom, kitchen area, and eating/relaxing spaces. Partition walls, glazing, and a stunning feature slatted timber screen were used to create highly functional spaces while still allowing the office to feel open and inviting. A new ceiling and carpets were also installed as part of this project, complete with expert joinery throughout the space.

5 Mill Street Level 6 Subdivision and Office Fit Out

Ryder Projects undertook a half-floor subdivision for this project in the Perth CBD, then completed the fit outs to create modern office spaces for the two tenancies here. Each of these offices featured sleek partition walls and glazing to separate meeting rooms and private offices from the rest of the open workstations, plus new ceilings and carpets, with practical kitchen areas and plenty of storage throughout.